Ice Storm #1 (with fields)

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Ice Storm Event to event odbywający się codziennie o godzinie 15:00 | 18:00 | 02:00 Pojawia się wtedy następująca wiadomość:
Icestorm Event wystartuje za 3 minuty. (wejscie do eventu znajduje sie w depo za teleportem z napisem Eventy)" Udajemy się więc do pomieszczenia z eventami (kamień przy wejściu do Ice Storm Eventu powinien zniknąć) i wchodzimy do teleportu.

Ice Storm Event This event takes place every day at 15:00 | 18:00 | 02:00 It appears to be the following message:
Icestorm Event will start for 3 minutes. (Entrance to the event is located in the depot for the teleporter labeled Events)" So we go to the room with eventami (stone at the entrance to the Ice Storm Event should disappear) and enter the teleporter.

Przenosi nas na arenę Ice Storm, po wejściu określonej ilości graczy na arenie w losowym miejscu zaczyna spadac z nieba lód którego trzeba unikać kto zostanie trafiony lodem odpada z eventu.

Takes us into the arena Ice Storm, after entering a certain amount of players in the arena in a random place begins to fall from the sky ice which must be avoided who will hit the ice is out of the event.

zobacz całą mapę Ice Storm Eventu/See the full map of the Ice Storm Event.
gracz, ktory przetrwa najdluzej automatycznie otrzymuje losowy przedmiot:

a player who survives the longest will automatically receive random item:
Robe of the Underworld You see a robe of the underworld (Arm:12, protection holy -12%, death +12%). It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids. It weighs 19.00 oz.
Blue Penknife You see whacking driller of fate. It weighs 3.00 oz. This nifty gadget can be used for many vital and less vital purposes. If its not jammed, that is.
The Calamity You see the calamity (Atk:55, Def:35). It weighs 68.00 oz.
Great Shield You see a great shield (Def:38). It weighs 84.00 oz. The shield is made of dragon scales.
Soft Boots You see a pair of soft boots that is brand-new. It weighs 8.00 oz. regenerates mana 30 in 2 sec and hp 15 in 1 sec (for repair need 10000 gold coins and say !soft).

  • Gamemaster: może uruchomić event komendą !icestormstart
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