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Jestem Nieogarem is guild leader of PoPunktyGoGo.
The guild was founded on Openka OTS on 6 January 2017.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
Jestem Nieogarem179 Paladin
Botek200 Elite Knight
Dobri Jebee183 Master Sorcerer
Grzybus170 Royal Paladin
Jestes Moj194 Elite Knight
Knajt189 Elite Knight
Mjenso (anal)120 Elder Druid
Msorcerer190 Master Sorcerer
Naqrwiam Wegorza (Nanananana ! )222 Elite Knight
Przysiad Na Raz (lubie anal)172 Knight
Yson142 Master Sorcerer
Zdystansowany199 Royal Paladin

Invited Characters

Guild Statistic
Number of Members in Guild12
Number of Members Online in Guild1
Total Level in guild2160
Avg Level in guild180
Lowest Level in guildMjenso (120 level)
Highest Level in guildNaqrwiam Wegorza (222 level)
Number of Invited Members1

Active Wars
Aggressor Information Enemy

0 : 0

On a brutal war
Began on Jan 08 2017, 18:14:50.
The frag limit is set to 150 frags, without any payment.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

1. BodziuLevel: (457)
2. Ty Dolla SignLevel: (434)
3. Nuvii PhoenixLevel: (426)
4. MjodekLevel: (403)