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Maly Mks is guild leader of KUMPLE.
The guild was founded on Openka OTS on 10 November 2017.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
Maly Mks (We Wypierdalaaj)8 Druid
Azzi Dragnaus8 Druid
Custos Mains8 Sorcerer
Dave8 Druid
Elder Shedy8 Druid
Kefir The Git8 Druid
Laski8 Druid
Pietrzaki Pijaki8 Druid
Raymon Ed8 Druid
Salovsky8 Druid
Wildu (SWINIOK)8 Druid
Zyl Jwp (MINISTRANCI)8 Knight

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

Guild Statistic
Number of Members in Guild12
Number of Members Online in Guild0
Total Level in guild96
Avg Level in guild8
Lowest Level in guildMaly Mks (8 level)
Highest Level in guildMaly Mks (8 level)
Number of Invited Members0

Active Wars
Aggressor Information Enemy
Currently there are no active wars.
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

1. Adaba KedabraLevel: (547)
2. PowergamingLevel: (497)
3. PankillerLevel: (491)
4. ComingLevel: (429)
5. Lece KnightemLevel: (409)
Zombie Event
Starts in 0h 0m!
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