Character Information
Name: Szajba
Profession:Elder Druid
World:Openka OTS
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
House:Pyre XVII ()
Guild:Member of the No Nejmy
Last login:16 February 2017, 5:32 pm
Character views:47 times
Player Health: 980/980
Player Mana:4255/4805
Player Level:167
Player Experience:75650463 EXP.
Exp History K = 1,000 (Thousand) | M = 1,000,000 (Milion) | B = 1,000,000,000 (Bilion)
2 days ago0
3 days ago0
4 days ago0
5 days ago0
6 days ago0
7 days ago-1.75M
7 days sum-1.75M

Level ML Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Fishing
167 88 10 10 10 10 10 30 10

Outfit Name with Addons Outfit Looktype
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with addons
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with addons
with addons
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Quests List on Simson OTS
0/158 Quests Completed in 0%
Hero Quest (Pyre lvl 50 +)
Banshee Quest (Carlin lvl 60 +)
Sam Old Backpack Quest (Kazordoon lvl 60 +)
Helmet of The Ancients Quest (Ankrahmun lvl 75 +)
Behemoth Quest (Edron lvl 80 +)
Quara Quest (Gengia lvl 80 +)
Dreamers Challenge Quest (Venore lvl 80 +)
Warlord Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 80 +)
Pits of Inferno Quest (Venore lvl 80 +)
Annihilator Quest (Edron lvl 100 +)
Demon Helmet Quest (Edron lvl 100 +)
Inquisition Quest (Edron lvl 100 +)
Demon Oak Quest (Venore lvl 120 +)
Excavation Quest (Pyre lvl 150 +)
Average Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 150 +)
Yalahari Quest (Yalahar lvl 150 +)
Underground Dragon Quest (Gengia lvl 180 +)
Constructor Quest (Ghenov lvl 200 +)
Mystical House Quest (Gengia lvl 200 +)
Strong Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 200 +)
Annihilator Continuation Quest (Edron lvl 200 +)
Demonolog Quest (Ghenov lvl 220 +)
Arathar Quest (Pyre lvl 240 +)
Nightmare Doll Quest (Pyre lvl 250 +)
Underground Plant Quest (Ghenov lvl 250 +)
Hard Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 250 +)
Tasman Island Quest (Gengia lvl 250 +)
Ruler of The Undead Quest (Ghenov lvl 260 +)
Inferno Quest (Pyre lvl 260 +)
Tactical Quest (Pyre lvl 270 +)
Horned Helmet Quest (Pyre lvl 280 +)
Military Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 280 +)
Enigmatic Quest (Ghenov lvl 280 +)
Engine Quest (Pyre lvl 280 +)
Blessed Shield Quest (Pyre lvl 300 +)
Draken Island Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Dragon Scale Legs Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Firewalker Boots Quest (Yalahar lvl 300 +)
Golden Helmet Quest (Gengia lvl 300 +)
Bunny Slippers Quest (Gengia lvl 300 +)
Dragon Scale Helmet Quest (Ghenov lvl 300 +)
Secret Underground Quest (Ghenov lvl 300 +)
Sealer Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Underground Hell Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Fantastical Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Mighty Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 320 +)
Galactic Quest (Gengia lvl 320 +)
Underground Jungle Quest (Oken lvl 320 +)
Lobotomy Quest (Ghenov lvl 330 +)
Chamber of Secrets Quest (Oken lvl 333 +)
Elitary Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 350 +)
Mystical Underworld Quest (Pyre lvl 350 +)
Design Quest (Ghenov lvl 350 +)
Levitation Quest (Gengia lvl 360 +)
Emporium Quest (Ghenov lvl 380 +)
Hardcore Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 380 +)
Secret Catacombs Quest (Ghenov lvl 400 +)
Dungeon Quest (Gengia lvl 400 +)
Tasmania Quest (Oken lvl 400 +)
Imperial Quest (Ghenov lvl 400 +)
Lord of The Pharaohs Quest (Oken lvl 444 +)
The Old Mouses Quest (Ghenov lvl 450 +)
Elementium Quest (Ghenov lvl 450 +)
Secret of The King Quest (Oken lvl 500 +)
Secret of The God Quest (Oken lvl 520 +)
King of The Pharaohs Quest (Ghenov lvl 550 +)
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Last Deaths
16.02.2017, 17:32:00Killed at level 167 by Morfi, by Boski Romanoo, by Sir Ether, by Pra Wi Czek, by Helluxzi, by King Glokk, by Ealo Na Koksa, by Przyczajony Betlejemczyk, by King Warrior, by Raz Dwa Trzy Padasz Reload, by King Komosiak and by Flupii the git.
16.02.2017, 17:27:05Killed at level 168 by Przyczajony Betlejemczyk, by Morfi, by Flupii the git, by Ealo Na Koksa, by Saik, by King Komosiak, by King Glokk, by Helluxzi, by Boski Romanoo, by Pra Wi Czek, by King Warrior, by Nexor and by Szajba.
16.02.2017, 17:24:19Killed at level 168 by Ficek Hasa Po Opence, by Patrool Ms, by Vert Samara, by Egonik, by Raz Dwa Trzy Padasz Reload, by Bibiego, by Visher Mastah, by Pushovsky Laciek, by Morfi, by Faza Neversleep, by Hu Ble Ble, by Nexor, by Abdul Dudkov, by Przyczajony Betlejemczyk, by Exivuj Exiva, by Megoo and by Opikk Ed.
15.02.2017, 22:31:38Killed at level 169 by Ealo Na Koksa, by King Warrior, by Nabita Lufka, by Swap, by KING Pakito, by Komisarz Ryba, by Przyczajony Betlejemczyk, by Dla Pompy, by King Glokk, by Boski Romanoo, by Bebawski and by Flupii the git.
15.02.2017, 22:08:22Killed at level 169 by Swap, by Boski Romanoo, by Komisarz Ryba, by Korba, by King Glokk, by Cpunek Po Lufie , by Flupii the git, by The Profesor, by Providore, by Zbilansowany Pappkin and by Shenaky.
15.02.2017, 21:24:46Killed at level 170 by Faza Neversleep, by Ecrusherr, by Soocoo, by Indyczekthc, by King Glokk, by Co Ja Tutaj Robie, by Dudi, by Invis Grzes, by Ostrry, by Syn, by Omega Alfa, by Ciompa and by Pis Off.
15.02.2017, 17:40:25Killed at level 170 by King Glokk, by Sir Ether, by King Warrior, by Nexor, by Bombowiec, by Co Ja Tutaj Robie, by Kielon, by Boski Romanoo, by Don Rahim, by Dla Pompy, by Sir Jajo, by Taki Tam Mwallek, by Komisarz Ryba and by King Komosiak.
14.02.2017, 22:10:40Killed at level 170 by Morfi, by Plodus Aborcius, by Il Il, by Komisarz Ryba, by Swap, by Dorixx, by Cpunek Po Lufie , by Sir Pephy, by Elderek Royal, by The Profesor, by Ealo Na Koksa, by King Glokk, by Jedwab, by Wijas Wyjasnia Openke, by Szajba, by KING Pakito and by Flupii the git.
14.02.2017, 21:28:09Killed at level 171 by Tsuyoshi, by Parcel From Trade, by Joka, by Full Bezkarny Gibon, by Gready, by Imdulix, by Full Bezkarny Endriu, by Damaszek, by Mada, by Voi Nobody, by Full Bezkarny Wychu, by Pjetrek Lotnik, by Sir Cinoslaw, by Oskar Komandos and by Przybylem Zobaczylem Podbilem.
14.02.2017, 21:10:59Killed at level 171 by Tsuyoshi, by a Massive Water Elemental, by Parcel From Trade, by a frost dragon, by a Water Elemental, by Sencjusz, by Damaszek, by a frost giant and by a frost giantess.

Last Frags
16 Feb 2017, 17:30 He fragged Maly Lord at level 160. (Justified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:29 He fragged Zajkra at level 196. (Justified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:27 He fragged Szajba at level 168. (Justified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:26 He fragged Eman at level 151. (Justified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:26 He fragged Pushovsky Laciek at level 147. (Justified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:26 He fragged Ficek Hasa Po Opence at level 180. (Justified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:24 He fragged Bigg Buszek at level 177. (Unjustified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:23 He fragged Maly Lord at level 161. (Justified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:23 He fragged Flupii the git at level 172. (Justified)
16 Feb 2017, 17:23 He fragged Henrykovsky at level 190. (Justified)

Account Information
Notations: 0
Criminal records: 0

1. SzajbaOpenka OTS167 Elder DruidOffline

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