Character Information
Name: Amfetamina
Profession:Elder Druid
World:Openka OTS
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild:Vice-Leader of the TOPIONA MARZANNA
Character views:753 times

PvP Statistics (numbers below represent the amount of use of a rune or spell.)
Magic Wall Rune Paralyze Rune Heal Friend Spell
286 timess 42 timess 253 timess

Exp History K = 1,000 (Thousand) | M = 1,000,000 (Milion) | B = 1,000,000,000 (Bilion)
2 days ago0
3 days ago0
4 days ago0
5 days ago0
6 days ago0
7 days ago0
7 days sum0

Level ML Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Fishing
156 78 10 10 10 10 10 20 10

Outfit Name with Addons Outfit Looktype
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
with addons
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Quests List on Openka OTS
0/66 Quests Completed in 0%
Hero Quest (Pyre lvl 50 +)
Banshee Quest (Carlin lvl 60 +)
Sam Old Backpack Quest (Kazordoon lvl 60 +)
Helmet of The Ancients Quest (Ankrahmun lvl 75 +)
Behemoth Quest (Edron lvl 80 +)
Quara Quest (Gengia lvl 80 +)
Dreamers Challenge Quest (Venore lvl 80 +)
Warlord Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 80 +)
Pits of Inferno Quest (Venore lvl 80 +)
Annihilator Quest (Edron lvl 100 +)
Demon Helmet Quest (Edron lvl 100 +)
Inquisition Quest (Edron lvl 100 +)
Demon Oak Quest (Venore lvl 120 +)
Excavation Quest (Pyre lvl 150 +)
Average Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 150 +)
Yalahari Quest (Yalahar lvl 150 +)
Underground Dragon Quest (Gengia lvl 180 +)
Constructor Quest (Ghenov lvl 200 +)
Mystical House Quest (Gengia lvl 200 +)
Strong Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 200 +)
Annihilator Continuation Quest (Edron lvl 200 +)
Demonolog Quest (Ghenov lvl 220 +)
Arathar Quest (Pyre lvl 240 +)
Nightmare Doll Quest (Pyre lvl 250 +)
Underground Plant Quest (Ghenov lvl 250 +)
Hard Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 250 +)
Tasman Island Quest (Gengia lvl 250 +)
Ruler of The Undead Quest (Ghenov lvl 260 +)
Inferno Quest (Pyre lvl 260 +)
Tactical Quest (Pyre lvl 270 +)
Horned Helmet Quest (Pyre lvl 280 +)
Military Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 280 +)
Enigmatic Quest (Ghenov lvl 280 +)
Engine Quest (Pyre lvl 280 +)
Blessed Shield Quest (Pyre lvl 300 +)
Draken Island Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Dragon Scale Legs Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Firewalker Boots Quest (Yalahar lvl 300 +)
Golden Helmet Quest (Gengia lvl 300 +)
Bunny Slippers Quest (Gengia lvl 300 +)
Dragon Scale Helmet Quest (Ghenov lvl 300 +)
Secret Underground Quest (Ghenov lvl 300 +)
Sealer Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Underground Hell Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Fantastical Quest (Oken lvl 300 +)
Mighty Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 320 +)
Galactic Quest (Gengia lvl 320 +)
Underground Jungle Quest (Oken lvl 320 +)
Lobotomy Quest (Ghenov lvl 330 +)
Chamber of Secrets Quest (Oken lvl 333 +)
Elitary Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 350 +)
Mystical Underworld Quest (Pyre lvl 350 +)
Design Quest (Ghenov lvl 350 +)
Levitation Quest (Gengia lvl 360 +)
Emporium Quest (Ghenov lvl 380 +)
Hardcore Arena Quest (Svargrond lvl 380 +)
Secret Catacombs Quest (Ghenov lvl 400 +)
Dungeon Quest (Gengia lvl 400 +)
Tasmania Quest (Oken lvl 400 +)
Imperial Quest (Ghenov lvl 400 +)
Lord of The Pharaohs Quest (Oken lvl 444 +)
The Old Mouses Quest (Ghenov lvl 450 +)
Elementium Quest (Ghenov lvl 450 +)
Secret of The King Quest (Oken lvl 500 +)
Secret of The God Quest (Oken lvl 520 +)
King of The Pharaohs Quest (Ghenov lvl 550 +)
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Last Deaths
21.03.2017, 21:22:54Killed at level 157 by Spiewajaca Patelnia, by Bombowiec, by Rookil, by Nie Wnikajj, by Ko Ko, by Rashovsky, by Aakuku, by Furror, by Davio, by Puchalek Aka Lakafllaka and by King Avalanche.
21.03.2017, 21:13:17Killed at level 157 by Dissik, by Bombowiec, by Kebab Of Kronek, by Xarinolin, by Japko, by Sesulo, by Rookil, by Paczek, by Ko Ko, by Henrykovsky, by Edeks, by Ciachciachciarachciach, by Amfetamina, by Cukierkowy Napadacz, by Kmk Mark, by Shagy and by Medson.
21.03.2017, 21:10:30Killed at level 158 by Torsten Lothbrok, by Tazzman, by Dulix, by King Renkly, by Rtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrt, by Mlody Rashuje Edem, by Ketszot Here, by Puchalek Aka Lakafllaka, by Dexoto, by Ko Ko, by Edi War Creator, by Majjster Jointt Rashuje, by Squn, by Xavisto, by Potmeister, by Piekarnia Bulek, by Rashovsky, by Michal and by Yane.
19.03.2017, 13:41:52Killed at level 158 by King Glokk, by Xipud, by My Name Is Name, by Rolli, by Ko Ko, by Katrinka, by Xaszkil, by King Leo, by Leszek Rzezimieszek, by Shenaky, by Mafioza Ed, by Furror, by King Warrior, by Imhreey, by Dexx, by Maratonczyk, by Zas Ta Utamka, by Deev, by Shagy and by Amfetamina Neversleep.
19.03.2017, 13:33:08Killed at level 158 by Efraimita, by King Glokk, by Beckhamovsky, by Furror, by King Leo, by Deev, by Leszek Rzezimieszek, by Xaszkil, by Imhreey, by Rolli, by De Closer, by My Name Is Name, by Cwaniak Na Dwa, by Tadeusz From Wodzislaw and by Maratonczyk.
19.03.2017, 13:22:42Killed at level 159 by Kovalek Wyb Here, by Mlody Rashuje Edem, by Amfetamina Neversleep, by Mvp Gralaak, by Solar To Cwel, by Nie Wnikajj, by Vshawi, by El Diablo, by Henrykovsky, by Rookil, by Cypis Pije Tatry and by Lord Fighterr.
19.03.2017, 13:21:03Killed at level 159 by Xaszkil, by Beckhamovsky, by Imhreey, by Mafioza Ed, by Furror, by King Glokk, by King Leo, by Dave, by Rolli, by Mlody Rashuje Edem and by Dey.
19.03.2017, 13:18:35Killed at level 160 by Xaszkil, by Cwaniak Na Dwa, by Szatanskie Wersety, by Maratonczyk, by Furror, by King Glokk, by Dave, by My Name Is Name, by King Warrior, by Crawford Cartel, by Syn, by Mafioza Ed, by Opalka Marcin, by Imhreey, by Efraimita, by Legendary Xespoz, by Beckhamovsky, by Opikk, by Rookil and by Cypis Pije Tatry.
19.03.2017, 11:30:11Died at level 160 by a dragon lord.
16.03.2017, 21:30:11Killed at level 160 by Hivsmittad, by Porzyk, by Swiezakus Iznenadjenje, by Majjster Jointt Rashuje, by Abdulla Latajaca Pszczola, by Marjan, by Pedophil, by Bonk Penk, by Creative Ms, by Legenda, by Majsterr, by Kapitan Tank, by Kotar Bimbrownik, by Yumioper, by Torsten Lothbrok, by Dulix, by Troyan, by King Renkly, by Figuu and by Skuller.

Last Frags
21 Mar 2017, 21:22 He fragged Kmk Mark at level 165. (Justified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:16 He fragged Wito Bandito at level 162. (Justified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:16 He fragged Amfetamina Neversleep at level 145. (Justified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:16 He fragged Ja Dzia at level 161. (Justified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:16 He fragged Xarinolin at level 197. (Justified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:16 He fragged Dissik at level 145. (Justified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:16 He fragged Kebab Of Kronek at level 155. (Unjustified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:16 He fragged Edeks at level 156. (Unjustified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:15 He fragged Davio at level 167. (Unjustified)
21 Mar 2017, 21:15 He fragged Bibiego at level 180. (Unjustified)

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