15.5.2018 - Openka.net New Edition!

START 22.05.2018 Tuesday 20.00
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*** Guarantee a lot of players ***

*** To the discovery of more than 70 new quests and missions Tasks ***

*** Additional Cities, Gengia, Oken, Pyre, Ghenov ***

*** Better exp stage easily knock a decent level ***

*** Casino - if you are lucky you will win a lot of money ***

*** Proven game engine, with high stability, no lags, no crashes ***

*** Many rankings ***

frags top ranking

guild wars ranking

powergamers top ranking

top ranking guild

top ranking task makers

top ranking quest makers

*** Many systems ***

cast system

system buychar

raids system

The auction system

bounty hunters system

tasks system

house system

bless system

regroup system

a lot of events

addon list

list of quests

list of bosses

list of spells

buying a house

elf bot scripts

PK SHOP Kill other players and score points in pk shop to replace them cc, frag removers and other items!

*** The UE is disabled when the screen is more than 10 players! ***

*** Motivator exp: free premium points and cc with the achievement of the required lvl ***

lvl 50 at every next 50 lvl you get a certain quantity of crystal coins! ***

For a lvl 50 lvl you get a backpack with a better eq! ***

The first 10 people with lvl 100 will receive 300 premium points to sms shop and so that every next 100 lvl! ***

the first 50 logged players will receive 100 points for premium sms shop!

Automatic Points for Guilds!

Guild Leader needs to 10 + players online must have a different ip address! and have an appropriate lvl after fulfilling the requirements is part of the game command !guildpoints every player online guild automatically receives 500 points for guild shop more info in section points for guilds.

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Players Online

1. MorfikLevel: (8)
2. BtrakerLevel: (8)
3. BSldurLevel: (8)
4. ViilyLevel: (8)
5. EraxLevel: (8)
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